About Us

Honeybees have fascinated me since I was a kid. Maybe mesmerized is a better word. I recall spending time following honeybees around the field as they moved from clover to dandelion and on. Yes, I know it sounds funny or maybe even strange but there was something about that little insect that caught and kept my attention. Fast forward to 2013, I was working for an advertising company and was really needing an outlet or a new focus in life. For years I had thought that beekeeping would be an interesting hobby to learn more about so in 2013 I picked up a book called "First Lessons in Beekeeping" by Dr. Keith Delaplane from the University of Georgia and I was hooked. Now, if you can read a book, from cover to cover about beekeeping, you may be crazy but you also may have the right kind of crazy to keep and work with honeybees.

So in the spring of 2014 we bought our first hives and the journey in beekeeping began.

Little did I know that that day also started our journey toward the start of Upper Cumberland Bee Company. Working with "The Incredible Honeybee" reminded me what life is really about. You see, honeybees are intently focused on serving the colony they belong to and making life better for the colony everyday. 

In that same way, I wanted to create a business that was more than just a business, more than a store, but an experience for our customers. An experience that introduced them to products that make life better.

Like the honeybee making life better for the colony, we've worked extremely hard to source the best products from great beekeepers who have great honeybees, as well as partnering with incredible artisan producers of exceptional goods like our coffee, candle and skin care lines. You'll also find our own seasonal Deep Draw Honey available each summer as well as our pollinator garden boxes with wildflower seed sold year-round. Don't forget our own branded activewear and decals too! We've really got something for everyone and we're just getting started. Phase 1 of the business represents our online only phase. Phase 2 will take us into a brick/mortar facility that will allow us to expand our product lines to offer even more goods and services for you to enjoy.

So for now, we are so proud to have what we feel are the best products available, goods that we like and use and are excited for you to try today! 

Thank you for taking time today to visit Upper Cumberland Bee Company. We hope you enjoy the experience and the products that make life better!

Jon and Jennifer Goodwin 

Upper Cumberland Bee Company